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Virginia Highways

This is a heavy work in progress, but if I don't share my research as I go, then it might be a while before it sees the light of day. Feel free to offer suggestions and additions.

The Virginia Tech library has a very good map section. There are several volumes of county highway maps issued by the Virginia Department of Highways (DOH) and later the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The earliest volume is from 1933. Current research is using this set of maps to trace U.S. routes and Virginia Primary routes in and around the New River Valley. I am close to establishing a baseline of routes and locations and once done, I will note changes and additions through the years based on the later volumes of county highway maps.

Routes and information:

Rough notes from 1933 data

I-81 exit list (from the Tennessee state line to Staunton)

I-77 exit list (from North Carolina to West Virginia)

VA 8 -- present route and 1933 data

VA 311 -- route data

VA 102 -- present route and 1933 data

U.S. 219/U.S. 460 -- locations of these routes in parts of Giles County, Va. and Mercer County, WVa.

US 460 construction between Blacksburg and Christiansburg
Photos from the now-open bypass.

U.S. 29 Lynchburg/Madison Heights Bypass

Route shield cutouts

VDOT line painters at work

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Last updated: April 11, 2002