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VA 102

Current Route

VA 102 starts in Pocahontas in Tazewell County and runs south along the West Virginia state line. It runs through Falls Mills and into Bluefield, Virginia and ends at the West Virginia state line.

1933 Route

June 1, 1932 Revised July 1, 1933
Routes from county highway maps published by:
Virginia Department of Highways
Division of Surveys and Plans
Richmond, VA

Montgomery County

Starts at US 11 (original alignment south of Radford, not present route) and runs south to VA 110, then continues to an intersection with Va. 611, Old Rock Road. Continues south to Va. 664, Ingles Mt. Road, jogs east and intersects with Va. 665 and Va. 664 (which runs between VA 102 and VA 110). Continues south through Center Mills, crosses Va. 619, Childress Road, and runs south along Little River, and exits at Floyd County line at Little River, at intersection with Va. 600, Childress Indian Creek Road. [Follows route of present Va. 787]

Floyd County

Enters from Montgomery County at Little River at Pulaski County line. Runs south to Copper Valley and continues south. At intersection with Va. 631, changes from unimproved road to soil, gravel, sand-clay surface. Continues south to Indian Valley and intersects with US 221 at Willis. [Present route is Va. 787.] East of Willis, VA 102 continues south from US 221. At the intersection with Va. 782, the surface again becomes unimproved and the road continues to Union. From there, it continues south to exit into Patrick County near Va. 758. [Present route is Va. 799.]

Patrick County

This graded unsurfaced road starts in the north at the Floyd County line at Va. 603. It runs south, eventually becoming unimproved, and ends at US 58 in Meadows of Dan. [Today, this is Va. 758.]