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Virginia Road Notes

These are notes taken about routes and roads in and around the New River Valley, based on:

Virginia Department of Highways
Division of Surveys and Plans
Richmond, VA
June 1, 1932 Revised July 1, 1933

Montgomery County

VA 8

Entered at Floyd County line, ran north through Riner to Christiansburg. Ran through Christiansburg via Depot Street to Cambria. Jct. with VA 111, which ran to intersection with US 11 east of town. Continued up Cambria Street and north to Blacksburg. Entered Blacksburg via Ramble Road/Airport Road to Main Street. Ran with VA 114 from Roanoke Street to Prices Fork Road. Continued north out of Blacksburg, crossed Brush Mountain, and exits to Giles County on Sinking Creek Mountain.

VA 102

Starts at Floyd County line at Little River, at intersection with Va. 600, Childress Indian Creek Road. Runs north along Little River, then crosses Va. 619, Childress Road. Continues north through Center Mills, intersects with Va. 665 and Va. 664 (which runs between VA 102 and VA 110). Jogs west, then turns north at Va. 664, Ingles Mt. Road. Continues to an intersection with Va. 611, Old Rock Road, intersects VA 110, and ends at US 11. [Follows route of present Va. 787]

VA 110

Started on VA 8 north of Riner at intersection with Va. 670. Ran northwest, crossing Va. 619, Childress Road. Intersection with Va. 606?, Old Baltimore Road, Va. 600, Trollinger Road (south), and Va. 600, Bean Shop Road (north). Intersection with Va. 684, and ending at VA 102 just southwest of US 11. [Follows route of present Va. 658 and VA 177]

VA 111

Ran from US 11 east of Christiansburg to end at VA 8 in Cambria.

VA 114

Started on Prices Fork Road (Va. 604) just west of Linkous Store (intersection of 114; Va. 624, Matamoris Road; and Va. 657, Otey Road). Continued east into Blacksburg at Main Street (VA 8), ran on Main Street to Roanoke Street, then turned east to Luster, Bennetts Mill, and McDonalds Mill (along North Fork of the Roanoke River), exiting into Roanoke County.

US 11

Enters County from Roanoke County near Cove Hollow Road. Ran west through Elliston and Shawsville to an intersection with Va. 641, Den Hill Road (north). Continued west, with an intersection to Va. 639, Crooks Run Road (south). Continued west to an intersection with Va. 640, Falling Branch Road (south). Entered Christiansburg, junction with VA 8, and ran west out of town. Intersection with Va. 661, Zinks Mill Road, which connected back to US 11 as Va. 662. Intersection with Va. 663, Spaulding Road (north), then Va. 600, Vickars Road (north). Intersection with Va. 600, Bean Shop Road (south), then on west to intersect with VA 102 south of Radford. Continued to end in East Radford. [roughly same route to Va. 600, then follows Va. 688 to VA 177 and into Radford].


Giles County

VA 8

Starts at Montgomery County line and runs northwest to Newport, where it intersects VA 42 running east and Va. 605, Spruce Run Road, running west. It continued west, with an intersection with VA 112 to the north. At Maybrook, VA 42 ran west. VA 8 continued through Hoges's Store, Pembroke, crossed the New River and went through Ripplemeade and on to Pearisburg, where there was a juntion with VA 100 south. It continued to Bluff City, then stayed on the south side of the New River to Narrows. From Narrows, it crossed the New River, then continued on the north (east) side of the river to Rich Creek and a junction with VA 124. From Rich Creek, it ran north, then turned west, crossing the New River, going through Glen Lyn and exiting at the West Virginia state line.

VA 42

Enters the county from Craig County and runs west to Newport, where it intersects VA 8. Both roads run together to Maybrook, where VA 42 turns east to Eggleston, where it crosses the New River. From Eggleston, it runs west to Staffordsville and VA 100. The two roads run together south to Poplar Hill, where VA 42 continues west through White Gate and exits into Bland County. [From Maybrook to Staffordsville, route is now Va. 730. Note that Giles/Bland county line is straight at this point.]

VA 100

Starts in Pearisburg at VA 8 and runs south. Intersects with Va. 638, Strother Road (east), Va. 656, Ed Bales Road (east) and Va. 685, Wilburn Valley Road (west). It passes through Bane and intersects with VA 42 at Staffordsville. Both routes continue to Poplar Hill, where VA 42 turns west and VA 100 continues south to exit to Pulaski County on Walker Mountain.

VA 112

Start on VA 8 west of Newport and climbs Salt Pond Mountain to Mountain Lake, ending at Va. 613, Mountain Lake Road.

VA 124

Starts at VA 8 in Rich Creek and runs east toward Peterstown, West Virgina. Exits at the West Virginia state line.


Floyd County

VA 8

Enters from Montgomery County at Little River and runs south to Floyd and intersection with US 221. Continues south of Floyd as an unimproved road, exiting to Patrick County at Tuggle Gap.

VA 102

Enters from Montgomery County at Little River at Pulaski County line. Runs south to Copper Valley and continues south. At intersection with Va. 631, changes from unimproved road to soil, gravel, sand-clay surface. Continues south to Indian Valley and intersects with US 221 at Willis. [Present route is Va. 787.] East of Willis, VA 102 continues south from US 221. At the intersection with Va. 782, the surface again becomes unimproved and the road continues to Union. From there, it continues south to exit into Patrick County near Va. 758. [Present route is Va. 799.]

VA 109

An unimproved road that starts at US 221 east of Floyd, near the intersection of Va. 691. It runs south and crosses Va. 681 and Va. 637 and eventually exits into Franklin County. It continues to VA 40 at Shooting Creek.

US 58

Crosses far southwest corner of county from Patrick County and into Carroll County.

US 221

Enters the county from Roanoke County, runs through Copper Hill, Check, King's Store, and Woods Store before reaching Floyd. It continues southwest through Amos, Willis, and Weeks Store before exiting to Carroll County.


Bland County

VA 42

Enters from Giles County as a soil, gravel, sand-clay surface to just beyond Brick Church, where it becomes unimproved. Continues west through Mechanicsburg and Crandon. Just west of Va. 605 the surface changes to unimproved road to soil, gravel, sand-clay surface into Bland and a junction with US 21. Both road run together west to just beyond Va. 620 (north), where VA 42 continues west as a soil, gravel, sand-clay surface road through Sharon Springs. Just east of Ceres, VA 42 becomes Va. 618. [It follows this route today.]

VA 98

This is in Bland and runs south from First Street/US 21 to just beyond Va. 603 and Crab Orchard Creek, where it becomes Va. 604.

US 21

This enters at the north from West Virginia, across East River Mountain and runs through North Gap, where it crosses Va. 613. It crosses Buckhorn Mountain and runs through Rocky Gap, where it crosses Va. 641. It continues south to South Gap, where it turns west then south, running through Hicksville and Bastain and entering Bland, where it joins VA 42. Both road run together west to just beyond Va. 620 (north), where VA 42 goes west and US 21 continues southwest, then south to enter Wythe County. It is a hard surfaced road for its length.


Wythe County

US 21

This enters the county at the north from Bland County and runs south through Suitor to Favonia and Tarters Store, where VA 90 runs directly south while US 21 turns southeast toward Wytheville. It runs through Mt. Pleasant Church, where it is crossed by Va. 656. It runs through Crowgeys Corner and into Wytheville, where it crosses US 11. It runs south out of Wytheville, then turns west. Up to this point, it is a hard surfaced road. It turns southwest and changes to changes to a soil, gravel, sand-clay surface. It turns south and runs to Speedwell, where the surface changes to unimproved. In Speedwell, there is a junction with VA 91 (west), then the road continues south to enter Grayson County.

US 11

This hard surfaced road enters from the east from Pulaski County and runs through Keesling Bridge (Va. 613 north) to Ft. Chiswell, where VA 121 runs north and US 121 runs south. US 11 continues west through Eversole School (Va. 632 south) and enters Wytheville. It continues west from Wytheville through Petunia, Lebanan Church, New Bethel Church, St. Paul, Staleys Crossroads (VA 90 south), Hildreths House, and Mt. Airy School before entering Smyth County.

US 121

This starts at US 11 at Ft. Chiswell and runs south to Farmers Store, where VA 94 runs west. The road continues through Laswell to Jacksons Ferry at the New River. From the ferry, it continues south through Poplar Camp (VA 91 west) and enters Carroll County.

VA 89

This starts in Wytheville and runs west to US Hatchery at Va. 654 south. The road continues west as Va. 667 to Groseclose.

VA 90

This start at US 21 at Tarters Store, north of Wytheville. It runs south, then west almost to Va. 625 (south). It continues at Va. 680 through Musser and to US 11 at Staleys Crossroads. From there, it is as hard surface road, marked as VA 90. It runs through Rural Retreat to Cedar Springs on the Smyth County line, where it ends at VA 91.

VA 91

This starts on US 121 at Poplar Camp and runs west, ending at Va. 636. The next section starts at Huddle (Va. 619 and Va. 640, north of Eagle Furnace). It runs west through Aban (Va. 645 north) to Stroups Store, where it ends as it crosses Va. 684; Va. 602 continues to US 21. It then continues at US 21 in Speedwell, running west through Collier to Cedar Springs and VA 90 on the Smyth County line.

VA 94

This starts on US 121 at Farmers Store and runs to Siloam Church, then to Coleman Store (Va. 640 north), as an unimproved road. From there it runs south and ends, becoming Va. 640 through Porters Crossroads and on to Va. 642 (west) just north of Ivanhoe. From there VA 94 continues through Ivanhoe as a hard surface road, then becomes soil, gravel, surface and enters Carroll County.

VA 121

This starts at US 11 at Ft. Chiswell and runs north to end in Max Meadows at the N&W Railway tracks.


Pulaski County

VA 99

This hard surface road starts at VA 100 in McAdam and runs west into Pulaski, where it intersects with US 11. It continues north from Pulaski to Robinson Tract, where it becomes Va. 642. [Va. 672 from McAdam and Va. 769 on the other side of I-81 are the original route. Va. 699, Dora Highway, is the original route into downtown Pulaski. The road continues to the town limits, then becomes Va. 738.]

VA 100

Enters on the north from Giles County as s/g/s/c surface, crosses Cloyds Mountain, and at Back Creek changes to hard surface. It runs through Scale House (Va. 627 east) and enters Dublin, where it intersects with US 11. It runs west, then turns south from Dublin, where it runs into Va. 611 (Old Rock Road) from the east. Both roads run together through Newbern, then Va. 611 continues west while VA 100 turns southwest to McAdam (junction with VA 99 from the north). The road continues to Draper (junction with VA 101 west) and turns south to Clarkes Ferry at the New River. The road continues as s/g/s/c on the other side of the river, following the river through Hiwassee to Allisonia, where it leaves the river to follow Big Reed Island Creek to the Carroll County line. [Va. 746 is the original route into Dublin and Va. T-747 is the route out of town, replaced by a new four-lane alignment from Va. 746 Va. 611 west of Newbern. Va. 682 to Va. 611 south of Dublin is another section of original alignment. From Newbern, F-047 through McAdam to Va. 658 near Draper is original alignment. Va. 658 continues out of Draper to the New River. The building of Claytor Dam and Claytor Lake obliterated Clarkes Ferry. Va. 777 into Hiwassee is orgininal alignment to Va. 693, which is the original VA 100 through Allisonia and into Carroll County.

VA 101

This hard surface road runs from VA 100 at Draper west to end at US 11. [I-81 has obliterated this road.]

US 11

This hard surface road, the Lee Highway, enters the county in the east by crossing the New River from Radford. It runs through Tillys Filling Station (Va. 630 south) and enters Dublin, where it intersects with VA 100. It crosses the N&W, then continues west out of town to Pulaski. From Pulaski, it runs south, crossing Draper Mountain, intersects with VA 101, then turns west to run into Wythe County. [Va. 747 is the original alignment, replaced by new road north of the N&W tracks. The route is the same from Dublin through Pulaski to near I-81, where F-044 is the original route.]


Carroll County

VA 94

This s/g/s/c/ road enters the county from Wythe County on the north, along the New River. It runs southwest toward the Grayson County line, skirts the line as it turns south, then enters Grayson County.

VA 97

This hard surface road enters the county from Grayson County on the west and runs east to Va. 713 (north), where it changes to s/g/s/c before ending and continuing east as Va. 775. [The road exists, ending at Va. 775 in Drenn.]

VA 100

This s/g/s/c road enters from Pulaski county in the north and runs west to Silvatus (later Sylvatus). It turns and runs east to Va. 753, where it turns south and ends at US 221 east of Hillsville. [VA 100 was moved to a new alignment from US 11 at I-81 south into Wythe County through Barren Springs at the New River, then south into Carroll County to Sylvatus. Va. 693 is the original alignment from Pulaski County to Sylvatus. The road follows the original alignment, except for an improvement that left Va. 783 as the old road.]

US 58

This hard surface road enters from Floyd County on the east and runs west and northwest to Hillsville, where it crosses US 121. It continues west out of Hillsville, runs through Browns Store, and exits the county at Galax on the Grayson County line.

US 121

This hard surface road enters from Wythe County in the north and runs south to Hillsville, where it crosses US 58. It continues south out of Hillsville, exiting into North Carolina at the south. [This exists as US 52 for its entire length in the county.]

US 221

This enters as a s/g/s/c road from Floyd County on the east and runs west toward Hillsville, where it ends at US 58 near the east town limits.


Patrick County

VA 8

Starts at North Carolina state line and runs north as a hard surface road into Stuart, where it joins US 58. The two roads run north together to Cruzes Store, where VA 8 continues northeast as an unimproved road. It runs through Buffalo Ridge, where it turns north, and continues through Woolwine, exiting to Floyd County at Tuggle Gap. [The route exists today.]

VA 102

This graded unsurfaced road starts in the north at the Floyd County line at Va. 603. It runs south, eventually becoming unimproved, and ends at US 58 in Meadows of Dan. [Today, this is Va. 758.]

VA 103

This s/g/s/c road runs west from VA 8 south of Stuart. At a junction with VA 104 (near Va. 646), the road turns southwest. It crosses the Dan River and runs to the North Carolina state line. [The route exists today.]

VA 104

This s/g/s/c road runs west from VA 103 (near Va. 646) through Carters Mill and Friends Mission before ending at Va. 645 (which continues southwest to the North Carolina state line). [This is now Va. 773.]

VA 105

This s/g/s/c road runs north from US 58 west of Nettleridge. It runs through Critz and ends at Va. 696, continuing northeast as Va. 626. [This route is Va. 626 today.]

US 58

This hard surface road enters from Patrick County on the east and runs though Trents Store, Nettleridge, and near Patrick Springs Station. It enters Stuart, where it intersects VA 8. The two roads run together north from Stuart to Cruzes Store, were VA 8 turns north. US 58 crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains at Lovers Leap, then runs through Vesta and Meadows of Dan. It exits into Floyd County.


Roanoke County

VA 24

Starts at Bedford County line as s/g/s/c and runs west. At Va. 653 becomes hard surface and runs into Vinton. Runs through Vinton on Washington Street, First Street, and Sycamore Street to Tinker Creek and into Roanoke City. Runs west through city and ends at intersection with VA 117.

VA 114

Enters from Montgomery County on the west as s/g/s/c and follows Catawba Creek east. Changes to hard surface and intersects with VA 311 in Catawba. Continues east and at VA 123 becomes s/g/s/c and exits to Botetourt County.

A short section is shown between the county line and US 460 at Bonsack, as a continuation of the road from Botetourt County; there is a short section of Va. 604 on the south side of US 460. However, the Botetourt County map shows this as Va. 604 between US 11 at Cloverdale and the Roanoke County line.

VA 115

Starts at US 11 at Hollins and runs south along the N&W tracks and Tinker Creek into Roanoke City.

VA 116

Starts at VA 311 in Hanging Rock and runs southeast. Crosses VA 117 at Medley and continues into Roanoke City and junction with VA 24. Exits South Roanoke, crosses the Roanoke River and passes Fair Grounds, and continues south to Franklin County, changing from hard surface to s/g/s/c near the county line.

VA 117

Starts at US 11 west of Hollins and runs west. Intersects with VA 118 and Va. 628, then crosses VA 116 at Medley. Turns south and runs into VA 24 east and turns west to end at US 11 in Salem, just west of the junction with VA 311 north.

VA 118

Runs south from VA 117 at Va. 628 to US 11 at Va. 625.

VA 119

Starts at US 311 south of Roanoke at New Town. Runs south and west to Crescent Heights, west through Starkey, and intersects with US 221. Both roads run together north to Cave Spring, where VA 119 turns northwest to end at US 11 on the south side of Salem.

VA 123

Runs from VA 114 to Catawba Sanitorium.

VA 311

Starts at VA 117 near US 11 in Salem and runs north to Hanging Rock and intersection with VA 116. Continues north, crosses Catawba Mountain and crosses VA 114 in Catawba. Exits to Craig County. Hard surface for entire length.

US 11

Enters from Botetourt County on the north and runs west through Hollins to VA 117. It turns south and runs into Roanoke City (junctions with VA 118 north and US 460 in this section). It runs west out of Roanoke, dips south, then continues west to Va. 639. It turns north, crosses the Roanoke River, the VGN railway, the N&W, and enters Salem. At VA 117 it turns west and runs through Fort Lewis, Glenvar, and Dixie Cavern, exiting to Montgomery County.

US 221

Starts in Roanoke City and runs west, crosses Roanoke River and turns southwest to Cave Spring. Runs with VA 119, then turns west to Poage's Mill. Climbs Bent Mountain, runs through Airpoint and Bent Mountain and exits to Floyd County at the Franklin County line.

US 311

Starts in Roanoke City and runs south to New Town (intersection with VA 119), then continues south between Yellow Mountain and Buck Mountain. It turns southwest and exits to Franklin County.

US 460

Enters from Botetourt County on the east and runs west through Bonsack (VA 114 north) and ends at US 11 just north of the Roanoke City limit.


Botetourt County

VA 12

Start on US 11 just north of Troutville and runs north to Va. 676, turns west to Va. 673, then turns north and runs to Fincastle (hard surface). It continues north from Fincastle as s/g/s/c through Flatwood. At Va. 666 becomes hard surface and continues through Owens to cross the James River into Eagle Rock and a junction with VA 43. Continues north out of Eagle Rock as s/g/s/c through Gala. At south end of Va. 695 becomes hard surface and runs through Lick Run, crosses the James River and follows the west side of the Jackson River to Iron Gate on the Alleghany County line. It runs through Iron Gate in Allegheny County, crosses the Jackson River,and ends at US 60 in Clifton Forge.

VA 43

Enters from Bedford County on the east as a graded unsurfaced road. At Va. 618 runs briefly back into Beford County, then re-enters as s/g/s/c and runs to US 11 at Buchanan. Both routes cross the James River, then VA 43 turns west as hard surface to Va. 630. From there, it is s/g/s/c north along the James River to Va. 689, where it turns west toward Eagle Rock. It crosses VA 12 in Eagle Rock, continues through Bessemer after crossing the James River, and becomes Va. 615 just south of Strom.

VA 114

Enters from Roanoke County on the southwest and runs north to an intersection with Va. 600. Turns east around Tinker Mountain, changing from s/g/s/c to hard surface just beyond Va. 630. Intersects with Va. 671 and Va. 675, runs through Daleville and ends at US 11 at Va. 654 just north of Cloverdale.

Va. 604 runs southeast from US 11 in Cloverdale and exits to Roanoke County near US 460 at Bonsack. Roanoke County map shows VA 114 as the continuation of Va. 604 from the county line to US 460 at Bonsack, with a short section of Va. 604 on the south side of US 460.

US 11

Enters from Rockbridge County on the north and runs southwest through Poage and Harvey and to Buchanan. It crosses the James River with VA 43 and continues southwest, following Looneys Mill Creek for part of its route. It runs toward Troutville (VA 12 north intersects in this section), through Troutville and toward Cloverdale (VA 114 north intersection), and exits to Roanoke County.

US 460

Enters from Bedford County on the east and runs through Blue Ridge and Coyner to exit to Roanoke County.


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