Virginia Roads

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VA 311

Current Route

VA 311 starts at US 11 in Salem and runs via Catawba, New Castle and Sweet Springs, WVa.; thence via Crows and Alleghany to the West Virginia State Line.

1933 Route

June 1, 1932 Revised July 1, 1933
Routes from county highway maps published by:
Virginia Department of Highways
Division of Surveys and Plans
Richmond, VA

Roanoke County

Starts at VA 117 near US 11 in Salem and runs north to Hanging Rock and intersection with VA 116. Continues north, crosses Catawba Mountain and crosses VA 114 in Catawba. Exits to Craig County. Hard surface for entire length.

Craig County

Enters from Roanoke County on the south over North and Brush Mountains. Runs north to New Castle as hard surface road. Crosses VA 42 and runs northwest as s/g/s/c. At VA 113 west, turns north and crosses Potts Mountain. Runs through Paint Bank and exits to West Virginia.

Alleghany County

Enters from West Virginia on southwest and runs through Sweet Chalybeate Springs and Earlehurst and ends at US 60 near Jigers Creek and Dunlaps Creek.